A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

The tutorial was added after LD but since it doesn't change the gameplay at all I just included it into the jam version. Some people seem to have huge problems grasping what to do so I just wanted to fight against frustration :)

Blind are the ones’ afraid to see. So do you dare to stare into the abyss?

Luvius is a small game made for Ludum Dare 39. It relies heavily on positional audio cues -  but most people should be fine with their audio systems.  You NEED to crank you audio up to enjoy this - there are no jumpscares.

How to play (there is also an in development ingame tutorial)

You're hunted. In order to escape you must find the safe way - and you only hear your enemy. 

At the start of each round the level will be illuminated for a very short time. Memorize the locations of the doors, then click on a door which you think is safe.  If your decision was correct you will find yourself in the next room otherwise it's back to the start of the level.

If you forget where the door is click to activate your flashlight. But be careful: the flashlights batteries are only refilled every level!

If you have any feedback - positive and negative - please consider adding it on the Ludum Dare page! -> LD Link


Fonts (SIL Open Font License 1.1):

Reenie Beanie
Zilla Slab Highlight

All music and sound effects were obtained from OpenGameArt.

Music (CC0):
Waking the devil by Alexander Ehlers
The Field of Dreams by Paulius Jurgelevièius (aka pauliuw)

Music (CC-BY 3.0):
Myst by Zhelanov
Scary by Cafofo

Sound Effects (CC-BY-SA 3.0):
Churchbell: Copyrght 2008-2010 Ulrich Metzner


Luvius - 64 Bit 39 MB
Luvius.exe - 64 Bit 29 MB
Luvius - 32 Bit 38 MB
Luvius.exe - 32 Bit 27 MB