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  • If you have problems with mouse input not registering and are playing on a laptop touch pad (it does work on some though) please consider using an old school mouse. This seems to be a driver issue that I can't find a fix for sadly.
  • People reported a problem with the window size not being correct. I will investigate this.
  • [FIXED] When a human is grabbed and clicked again while in the giants hand it will vanish - possibly leaving the game in an unplayable state.

You control a giant (he's called Frederick). Frederick is trying to save planets from destruction through mankind by throwing them from planet to planet.

Click planets to move to them, click humans to pick them up and click again to throw them upwards. Use your arrow keys or WASD to move around a given planet. WARNING: once humans land on a planet which isn't earth (you can't throw humans back to earth) they will start to breed! An overcrowded planet will take damage - however once a planet isn't overpopulated it will regenerate...

I'm sure you will figure out the rest. Try to keep as many humans as possible alive at the same time...


A_giant_called_frederick 29 MB
A_giant_called_frederick.exe 19 MB

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